Unconscious bias 


Did you know that we all have a level of implicit bias and sometimes we act on it without even knowing it?  

This training ensures your staff, particularly those in leadership positions, are aware of and understand these biases and know how to prevent them occurring in the workplace.

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Save your learners from the snooze fest of clicky elearning. All our learning content is video-based, a delivery platform which is proven to aid memory retention. And because we love you and your learners, every video is under five minutes so everyone will just have to catch their zzz's somewhere else we're afraid.

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Equality and diversity training for modern learners 

Our unconscious bias awareness course is available online and accessible when your learners need it, both on laptop and mobile. This elearning provides your employees with actionable advice and take away challenges that can help to combat unconscious biases at work, all packed in short video training that helps to maximise knowledge retention and engagement.

Covering key areas such as subconscious prejudice, understanding and recognising the four key cognitive biases and the benefits of inclusivity and diversity, this module allows your learners to better recognise their own unconscious bias. It also provides tools and key takeaways to ensure the learning sticks long past the completion date. 

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